Alphanumeric Journal

Alphanumeric Journal is devoted to original research in the field of business administration and related areas. The aim of the journal is to provide a medium by which a wide range of experience can be exchanged among researchers from diverse fields such as social sciences, and engineering. Alphanumeric serves as a vehicle for researchers and practitioners in the field of quantitative methods, and is enabling a process of sharing in all fields related to the operations research, statistics, econometrics and management informations systems in order to enhance the quality on a globe scale. This journal publishes high quality researches in the fields of operations research, statistics, econometrics and management information systems. All submissions are subject to a double blind review process. Manuscripts should be professionally proofread before submission. Submitted manuscripts should comply with APA format.

Alphanumeric Journal has been publishing as “International Peer-Reviewed Journal” every six months since 2013. Alphanumeric Journal does not accept for publication studies that have already been published, in whole or in part, elsewhere in the peer-reviewed literature. If the article is accepted for publication, all of the rights to publish indefinitely belongs to Alphanumeric Journal. In case of you use Alphanumeric Journal’s publications in your paper you must cite this in your work. You need to get permission from Alphanumeric Journal to publish once again your own previously-published work. The language of the journal Turkish and English. Alphanumeric Journal publishes entire subjects in the areas of Operations Research, Statistics, Econometrics and Management Information Systems.

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